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Mizki Kaname by KiwiRabbit Mizki Kaname by KiwiRabbit
This is the Ace chair of the new Guardians, Mizki Kaname. Her Guardian character is Moji. She has another Guardian egg too, but I didn't draw that one yet.

Name: Mizki Kaname
Nicknames: Miki-chan
Age: 12
Height: 4'11
Weight: 76 lbs.
Grade: 7th
Personality: Very shy, moe, soft spot for animals, clumsy.
Favorite Item: Striped Socks
Guardian Chair Position: Ace
Biography: Mizki Kaname is very shy and clumsy. All you have to do is look at her, and you will see it. But look closer. Inside of her is a graceful, beautiful girl struggling to get out. This is where Moji came along.
Mizki was looked down upon, and she was at the very bottom of the school social list. Kimi came along and looked the same way as her. Mizki wanted to meet this girl, but she was too shy. She glanced at the egg she had found earlier that morning. She wondered if Kimi had an egg. She then noticed something.
The egg was starting to hatch! With all her dignity, she ran over to Kimi, shook her hand politely, and introduced herself. She sat back down, and was blushing like a kid who talked in church.
"You will be rewarded for your kindness if you make a good impression." said a voice. Mizki peered down at the little creature who was talking. She quickly jumped back in surprise.
"Look back at her." said the creature. Mizki did, and to her surprise, she saw Kimi smiling back at her and waving.
"I'm Moji." she said." I'm your Guardian Character. You also have another on the way."
At this Mizki looked into her bag again and saw a light blue egg with a white-and-pink cherry blossom on it.
Once the new Guardians were selected, Mizki became the Ace Chair with pride.
She has Character Transformed only once before, and it was with Moji. The Character Transformation was known as Ribbon Dancer.
She still has the one unhatched egg.

Guardian Character Bio!

Name: Moji

Order: First Born

Was Born From: Mizki's wish to be graceful.

Bad Habits: Can get really off task, too calm.

Likes: Nature, Ribbons, Serenity.

Dislikes: Chaos, Heavy Metal Music.

Personality: Moji is very kind and graceful, but is easily side tracked. She is great support, and always has a few kind words. She can often be found meditating.

Character Change: Mizki's headband gets a blue and pink ribbon patern on it. She becomes graceful and pretty, but will get sidetracked after a while until the change ends.
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October 11, 2012
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